Touhou 10.5: Scarlet Weather Rhapsody

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just to make sure


R.I.P skirt on uniforms

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Slacks are slowly becoming part of schoolgirl uniforms throughout the country, with a Sapporo junior high school’s decision earlier this year to make them compulsory threatening to end the hegemony of the hem.




No idea how this would affect 2D girls though, but they’ll probably still use skirts like they do with the swimsuits that are supposed to be out of date.

MG Unicorn Gundam’s addon!

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Received another package earlier this week:

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Finals are over!

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2 weeks, 5 papers, finally, it’s all over now!


So, what now? There’s so many things that I desire to do during the 1 month’s break, I don’t even know where to start. I’d like to finish up with either To Heart 2 Another Days, or Little Busters ) both visual novel, I also need to catch up with the anime episodes, some movies (haven’t even seen Transformers, for one), and marathon the remaining JoJo’s Bizzare Adventures manga (seen series 1~3, currently skipped to the Stone Ocean arc).

yes, JoJo, you know, the series that gave us Joetaro and his ORAORAORAORA?

Anyway, Reitaisai 2008 is on this Sunday, I can’t wait for it, mainly just for these two works.

Left is new album by Innocent Key, whose promo flash have been so viral since the last week, they even had to make a mirror of their site due to running out of bandwidth on their main site. Here’s a Youtube upload of the said promo. Hell, even their mirror got flooded till death, I’m getting error 404’s on it. While the one on the right is a new doujin by the guy who brought us the “nyoro~n” Churuya 4koma, you know, these?

Oh god, can’t wait. On an unrelated news, Macross Frontier is now officially AWESOME. Words and image macros can’t describe how I feel after watching episode 7.

a mothership that transforms, using the launchpads as its shields? AWESOME!

where’s the Revoltech action figures of it? TAKE MY MONEY, KAIYODO! TAKE IT NOW!

Kotobukiya’s Neige Blanc final prototype

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I love lurking on 2chan’s /y/ for things like this.

Saw a thread linking to a new Shining Tears/Wind official blog, with a new entry on the upcoming 1/8 Neige Blanc figure by Kotobukiya. According to the entry, this is the final prototype version, that the mass production version will based on. It’s the exact same figure that was displayed in the 47th Shizuoka Hobby Show (coverages of it here, here and here, as linked from Heisei Democracy) .

Apparently, the final version is different from the previous versions shown in the other Shining Tear/Wind official blog, in terms of the shading, as seen here:

Left: previous version, right: final prototype. The shading sure looked brighter and more colorful, though it could be argued that the previous version’s picture was taken in under terrible lighting conditions ┐(´д`)┌

Given how Kotobukiya has a (bad) reputation of producing figures with “oily”, “yellowy” skin color (mainly due to the materials used for the skin base. I heard that this kind of material is much cheaper, and thus allows Kotobukiya to continue producing figures with a cheaper pricetag. Most of their figures still go for 5000~5500yen pricetag, despite many other companies having a standard 6000~7000yen pricetag for 1/8 scaled figures), this upcoming Neige Blanc’s skin color/texture looks really good, just like their previous 1/7 Sasara Kusugawa figure (excellent gallery of it by Happysoda here). Can’t wait for it to be available on the market.

Figma Haruhi! :D

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Went downtown to pick up my Figma Haruhi sometime last week. The Figma Saber that I’ve preordered with it back in March was out of stocks, currently waiting for the second shipment of it =(

Very nice packaging, as can be expected from any other Japanese product.

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bawww, final exams ;_;

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Shit, study week started for my university’s Final Exams this semester. No updates for the next few weeks, I suppose ;_;

Another shipment, for me? ( ゚Д゚)

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Gentlemen! I’m here today on a mission! A mission that is to convince YOU, yes, YOU, to watch Golgo 13!

Look at him and his incredible eyebrows and killer sideburns. Doesn’t that look MANLY to you?

Given how the art style doesn’t look clean and sharp and FRUITY, nor does it have an angsty/emo/righteous/goodie two shoes teenager as main character, it is thus my DUTY to inform you about this epic animu that you’ll miss, should you not watch it.

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Kaiji 26: bawwww, sad end :(

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Lucky Star, in my Kaiji? SAGE THIS SHIT

Guess who lost 4 of his left fingers? ;_;

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